December 2010

A World of Angels

angels_a.jpgWith just a few days left before the holidays, the 66ers want to extend a big thank you to a couple of our blog partners. 

The guys at Halos Heaven and have helped us get our name out to the world of Angels fans since we started this blog a few weeks ago.  The transition from a Dodgers affiliate to an Angles affiliate has been pretty smooth, and we’re so happy to keep our fans from previous years, and to bring in new ones because of the switch.  We’re confident that fans in the Inland Empire choose to come to 66ers games because of the fun and entertaining family atmosphere we provide, but we also know that our fans are very knowledgable about the game.

That’s why we’re so excited to team with these great Angels blogs.  Each post from these guys is a true inside look at what’s happening in Anaheim — and as you know, what happens in Anaheim has more than just at trickle effect in San Bernardino!

With interviews, breaking news, opinions and just about anything else Angels you could imagine, these two blogs are some of the premier access points for Angels fans across the country.  And with only a couple months left until players invade Florida and Arizona for Spring Training, news is really starting to pour out of Angels Stadium.  You won’t want to miss a beat, so check out our partners at Halos Heaven and

Go Angels and Go 66ers!

Bernie’s Special Christmas

Happy Holidays, 66ers fans!  Hopefully Santa’s kinder to you than he was to Bernie.

Happy Holidays, 66ers fans! Hopefully Santa’s kinder to you than he was to Bernie.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Promotions – 12/17

One of the most exciting things about the winter months for fans of baseball is when their home town team releases their promotional schedule. Maybe they’ll have the opportunity to collect a bodacious bobblehead, plan a group outing around a fleece blanket giveaway, or even go for the thrill of seeing a dog riding monkey herd sheep at the ballpark.  With the multitude of promotions coming to San Bernardino in 2011, it’s easy to see why there’s such a buzz about the much anticipated release of the 66ers Promotional Calendar.

While I cannot reveal all of our promotional plans, I feel that since it is the time of giving, I can provide a preview of two promotions that 66er fans can look forward to in 2011. In regards to weekly promotions, the most notable difference will be “Turn Back the Clock” Tuesdays when the 66ers will wear Spirit jerseys in tribute to San Bernardino’s first California League Franchise, the San Bernardino Spirit. For you younger fans, the San Bernardino Spirit featured some of baseball’s brightest stars at a young age, most notably Ken Griffey, Jr. Other successful ballplayers that played for the Sprit include Mike Hampton, Paul Konerko, Ted Lilly, and Jeff Nelson amongst others. For those of you who were big fans of $2 Tuesday don’t fret as our $2 ticket, beer, and parking specials will still apply on all 2011 home games.

As far as giveaways go, one item that will sure to be a hit will be the fleece (don’t call it a snuggie) blanket with sleeves. The first 1,200 fans in attendance for the Saturday, April 9th game will receive one of these functional (yet fashionable) blankets. What’s even better is that people can stay warm as they cheer their 66ers on against their arch rivals, the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes. 

Stay tuned for more information on upcoming promotions leading up to our official release of the entire promotional schedule in early January. And remember, a great way to reserve your seats for all of our promotional giveaway nights is to buy the 24 game ticket plan. Until then, have a great holiday season and a happy new year.

Turf Talk – 12/16

Hello and Happy Holidays to everyone in Angels/66ers Land!

Before I introduce myself, I want to let you know that I’m going to need your help by the end of this post.

My name
is Jason Hilderbrand and I am the Head Groundskeeper for the Inland
Empire 66ers. The upcoming season will be my third with the team. Before heading
out west to California, I interned with both the New York Mets and the
Brooklyn Cyclones (A-short season Mets affiliate).

I have high hopes for
the field at Arrowhead Credit Union Park for 2011. One thing people ALWAYS notice at a ballpark is the design of the field.  The field diamond will always look the same, but in order to differentiate ourselves from other stadiums, we’re looking to deviate from simple diamond, checkerboard and straight away patterns.  We’ll use different stripe widths and angles.

If you’ve been to a ballpark before, you’ve likely seen how different fields can look. Let me know what types of patterns are your favorites!

The 3 Best Friends That Anyone Could Ever Have – 12/15

bestfriends-wed.jpgIn an effort to dominate the California League in Group Sales this summer, the 66ers have hired a fearsome trio of Event Planners:  Director – Steve Pelle, Assistant Director – Joe Rugo and Community Groups Manager – Dave May.

Steve, a California native, has worked in sales for years and begins his second year with the 66ers.  He enjoys long walks on the beach and back massages.  Sorry ladies but he’s taken! 

Joe, an Alaskan native, actually grew up wrestling polar bears and living in an igloo.  He begins his second season with the 66ers.  He enjoys skipping arm in arm with his best pal Bernie. 

Dave, is a transplant from the East coast and begins his first year with the 66ers, but second overall in the Elmore Sports Group.  He enjoys soft fluffy bunnies and playing Hide-and-Go-Seek with Bernie during the off season.

These three look forward to building long lasting relationship with the great people of the Inland Empire during the 2011 baseball season.  Their main goal is to make sure everyone is having a good time, whether you’re enjoying an all-you-can-eat picnic, cooling off in our air conditioned suites, or catching the game amongst a few thousand other 66ers fans in our box seats.  So if you want to get your group on this summer, you know who to call!

“The 3 Best Friends That Anyone Could Ever Have” is a weekly update from the Group Sales Department.  If you have any questions or would like to bring your friends, family or coworkers out to the ballpark this year, contact Steve, Dave or Joe today!

A Heavenly Adventure

Angels.jpgIf you check our Facebook page from time to time, you know our staff traveled to Anaheim yesterday to meet with some members of the Angels front office.  Now, when we say front office, don’t confuse that with Tony Reagins and the rest of the baseball operations side.

Our goal is to always find new ways to further entertain you, the fan that comes to Arrowhead Credit Union Park.  Anything that happens between the foul lines is up to the Angels.  We have no say on our roster, our coaching staff, player moves…nothing!  The same reason why we ventured to Florida last week, our meeting with the Angels was to learn new ways to make your experience at the ballpark as best it can be.

We met with their businesspeople.  Their marketing coordinators, ticket officials — some of the most creative individuals in the big leagues.

We can’t really disclose a lot right now, but just know that the 66ers are thrilled to be with the Angels beginning in 2011.  There are opportunities now that we may not have ever been able to accomplish.  Much of our branding efforts will coincide with the Angels and we’ll coordinate promotions with them.  Basically, just know that you have things to look forward to…

We’re very fortunate to have our Major Leage affiliate within driving distance.  Most Minor League teams don’t have this luxury.  Because of this, we can create a partnership that teams in the Midwest, Carolina, Texas, Florida State and other leagues envy.  Really envy.

The New Year is close.  And with the New Year comes only a month or two without baseball before players make their way to Florida and Arizona for Spring Training.  Baseball is just over the horizon, and we couldn’t be more excited.  Just know that with the new affiliation with the Angels, YOU have a reason to be excited, too!

A View from the Press Box – 12/14

Not much has been said from an on-field stand point about what the affiliation change means for 66ers baseball. Obviously we all expect a better win-loss ratio than last year’s, which saw record, or near record, lows in more categories than I have time to mention. The thing to keep an eye out for next year is an Angels running philosophy like no other farm system in baseball.

Angels’ farm clubs tend to be the Oregon football offense of their respective leagues. They run, and run, and run. I’ve worked in three leagues now, the majority of which have had an Angels affiliate, and every year the Halo feeders have either led the league in stolen bases or made a pretty good run at the top spot, pun intended.

There are some people out there who say they don’t like baseball because it’s too slow, there’s not enough action. If that’s the excuse some of your friends gave you as to why they didn’t join you for a 66ers game in the past, get them a seat for a game in 2011. We expect to see a lot more activity on the base paths in the season to come.

A View from the Press Box comes to you every Tuesday from Director of Broadcasting, Sam Farber.  To contact Sam, e-mail him at

Ticket Monday – 12/13

TicketMonday.jpgHello 66ers and Angels fans! My name is Joey Seymour and I am the new Director of Ticket Operations for the Inland Empire 66ers.


I began my career in sports with the Angels and am thrilled to be with the affiliate 66ers here in San Bernardino. It is going to be our goal this year to create ticket package options that are affordable as well as include a lot of great perks. We want all of our fans to know that we are here for them and that they can contact us regarding any issue or concern that they might have.


The new partnership with the Angels is thrilling and we’re looking forward to taking the field in April. The amazing thing that I am learning about 66ers fans, is that you are dedicated and passionate about your team regardless of the affiliate. You come out and support us no matter what and we could not be more proud of that. We will work hard in 2011 to create a fun and friendly atmosphere here at the ballpark.  


Every night at “The Arrow” this season, will be a memorable one and we hope to see you and your family supporting the 66ers and future LA Angels. Please do not hesitate to contact me if there is anything you need regarding tickets at Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be unveiling some of our new ticket packages. In the mean time, we do have some great mini plans that make a perfect gift for the 66er/Angel fan in your family.


Check them out now by clicking here.  And don’t forget that if you order by December 23rd, we’ll throw in some vouchers to Angels games as well! Go 66ers!

All Aboard

polarexpress.jpgTo celebrate the holidays, the City of San Bernardino and the San Bernardino Economic Development Agency (along with the 66ers, of course!) have invited our fans out to the ballpark this Friday night for a special screening of The Polar Express. 

Gates will open at 6:15 and the movie begins at 7.  Stick around afterwards for fireworks that will start a little after the credits roll.  You show up…we provide the cookies and hot chocolate.  And it’s all completely FREE!

But everyone knows that one of the most important parts of the holidays is giving.  So we’re asking that if you come out, make sure to bring an unwrapped toy for the Spark of Love Toy Drive.  Of course, we’ll let you in without a donation.  But we’re confident that all our fans will want to make sure every child in the Inland Empire has a Merry Christmas.

So make plans now to come on out to Arrowhead Credit Union Park tomorrow night.  For more information, click on over to or read the article here!

More from Florida


photo13_cropped.jpgDay 2 of the Winter Meetings has come and gone.  Today had a little bit of player movement as Carlos Pena inked a reported one-year, $10 million deal to be the new first baseman of the Chicago Cubs. 


In other activity, the Yankees contingent made the short drive to their complex in Tampa to officially sign icon Derek Jeter to a 3 year deal.  Back in the Dolphin and Swan Resort, everyone was relieved to find out that Rockies Manager Jim Tracy is ok, following his collapse in the lobby on early Tuesday morning.


Tuesday was a day of interviews for the 66ers staff, as Director of Group Sales Steve Pelle’ and Assistant Director of Groups Joe Rugo (shown in the picture above), joined Director of Promotions Matt Kowallis and Vice President of Marketing Kevin Shaw in interviewing candidates for potential intern positions with the staff. 


Following a long day of interviews and meeting a lot great and energetic people, a few offers were made.  We will be hoping to unveil our new hires in the next couple of days.


Following the interviews, the staff joined Tony Reagins, Mike Scoiscia, Tim Mead, Abe Flores and the rest of the Angels contingent in Abe’s suite for an “Angels Cocktail Party” for all of their Minor League Partners.  Fun was had by all as the staffs of Orem, Cedar Rapids, Inland Empire, Arkansas, Salt Lake City and the Angels all caught up on the past years events.  We want to thank the Angels for all of their great hospitality!


As you can see it was a busy day for the Front Office Staff.  Stayed tuned as more pictures, happenings, and an update from the Trade Show will be up shortly.


And as always, continue to check our Facebook page for pictures from Florida!