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66ers Party Patio

66ers fans occupy one of the tables in our Party Patio during a game in 2010


Last year (we’ll call him “Bob”) told me his organization was in heavy competition with another company for the business of a certain client.  “Bob” needed to do something to knock the socks off of his future business partner, so he contacted me about hosting an event with the 66ers.

“Bob” booked a Party Patio, invited the client and his wife — along with others from both companies — and layed out his business plan while letting the 66ers provide the entertainment.  Needless to say, “Bob” nailed it.

Sometimes stadiums and arenas have bad reputations for food prices, but we’re hoping to change that with this all-inclusive group package in the Party Patio.  Located on the first and third base sides, we set up a 90 minute all-you-can-eat buffet for you and your guests, with tickets to watch our future Angels beat up on their Cal League opponent for the rest of the night!

Bring 25 of your friends, family and coworkers to Arrowhead Credit Union Park and experience the hospitality of the 66ers like “Bob” did.  For just $23/person (with everything included), the Party Patio could be yours sometime this summer.  A personal 66ers party planner is available to talk to you today at (909) 888-9922!


Menu Includes:

-BBQ chicken, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs

-Potato Salad, Baked Beans, Potato Chips, Cookies

-Soda, Water