Life of an Intern: Adam Franey, Promotions Assistant

photo.JPGFavorite Food:

T-Bone Steak with Mashed Potatoes, Corn and a Glass of Milk


Favorite TV Show/Movie:

Happy Gilmore and The Dark Knight


Celebrity Look Alike:

Topher Grace



Hey Inland Empire! I come to you from the Prairie State: Illinois, where the old Route 66 began.  No, I did not grow up in Chicago because, contrary to popular belief, there are plenty more cities to the south.  I spent the first four years of my life being raised a mile outside of a town of just over 300 people named Maquon.  From there I made the move ten miles up IL-97 to the bustling metropolis of Knoxville, which houses somewhere around 3,200 people. I grew up in Knoxville with an older brother, Ryan, a younger sister, Lindsay, and my loving parents Andy and Lisa.  I also lived just minutes away from my wonderful grandparents Grandma C, Great Grandma Helen, Grandma Pru and Grandpa Jay.  Without my family’s support I know I would not be where I am today.


As a kid I was usually found outside catching bugs, frogs and snakes, fishing, or playing a pick-up game of backyard baseball, basketball, or football.  Most of my weekends were taken up by traveling from city to city for my basketball or baseball traveling teams and wrestling.  In high school I played football, basketball, and baseball for the Knoxville Blue Bullets as well as staying active in groups such as student council, pep club, National Honor Society, junior and senior class president, and running an underground game of poker in my basement every weekend.


From Knoxville, I took my talents to Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois, to study TV/Radio Broadcasting and minor in Business Management.  When Sports Communication was offered my senior year, I transferred into that program and thankfully was able to graduate on time in May 2010. My time at Bradley opened up many different opportunities for me to take advantage of.  I worked for the campus TV program reporting, running cameras, and trying to keep one news anchor sane. I also broadcasted Bradley Braves women’s basketball, volleyball, softball and baseball. I broadcasted the 2009 and 2010 Women’s NJCAA Div. II basketball championships and worked for WEEK/HOI-TV as a camera man shooting sports and reporting a few stories for their website.  In Peoria I covered the Peoria Chiefs (A – Chicago Cubs) for two seasons for as well. 


While waiting for the baseball Winter Meetings to take place so I could attend the job fair in December, I filed papers to substitute teach at my alma mater KHS. After subbing a few times a teacher had to suddenly resign and I found myself in the position of being a permanent teacher of a semester and a half instructing chemistry and physics.  While teaching was a great experience for me, I found I did not like grading homework just as much as I did not like doing homework when I was in school, so I was relieved when I was offered the Promotions internship from the 66ers at the MLB job fair in Orlando. 


It took me three days, 1,866 miles, six energy drinks, and a few Toby Keith and Kenny Chesney CD’s to arrive in San Bernardino and I’m excited to work for the 66ers and make this season the best season yet! 

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    Adam’s “autobiography” is great. The Angel organization isn’t so bad either. One of the coolest things about minor league ball is knowing about the players and staff and being able to follow them. Good job Angles/66er’s and keep up the good work, Adam.

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