Bobble This!

Griffey_Sketch.jpgMinor League Baseball teams are widely recognized for their ability to generate creative ideas on how to promote their team and ensure a festive atmosphere off the diamond as well.  The same amount of energy put into game production can be applied to manufacturing a promotional giveaway item in return.  Many fans will be delighted to receive their Ken Griffey Jr. bobblehead (or should we say bobblearm) at Arrowhead Credit Union Park on Saturday, April 23rd, but few know the taxing process of getting the concept of a bobblehead from out of the creator’s mind and into the fans hands. 

The first item to be decided was what pose we wanted to use to portray the former Spirit and Mariner great.  One of the most memorable traits Griffey Jr. possessed was the ability to leap and climb outfield walls to rob homeruns. So naturally, we decided to use that as the pose. 

Another important feature of bobbleheads that cannot be overlooked is the face on the bobblehead. After pouring through our archive of old Griffey Jr. photos from when he played on the Spirit, we could not help but notice how he always seemed to be smiling.  We utilized his smile and added eye black for a finishing touch and the concept of what we wanted to showcase was complete.Griffey_Blank.jpg

When we had our idea of what we wanted the bobblehead to look like, we took our vision out of our heads and put it onto paper.  Several drawings were rendered and a final copy was produced and sent to the manufacturer. 

Once the sketch reaches the manufacturer, the concept becomes reality.  The manufacturer looked at our drawing and fashioned a wax model of the bobblehead. Several picture emails phone conversations ensued until we were happy with the finished product.

The final stage in completing the bobblehead is applying the paint to the figure.  We provided the manufacturer with the colors we desired and the figure was almost complete.  Once Rotolo Chevrolet came on as a sponsor for the bobblehead, their logo was applied to the item and it was ready for mass production.   

However, the uniqueness of the promotion does not conclude when the bobblehead is shipped out for distribution.  In true Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory fashion, five of the Ken Griffey Jr. bobbleheads are painted gold and the lucky fans that find them will receive free Half Season Ticket plans!

2011 truly is the season of giveaways for Inland Empire 66ers fans!


One comment

  1. 020442

    Another outstanding article.

    The writers are doing a fantastic job so far this season.

    How about giving the writer’s a byline?

    The Griffey Jr. bobble arm is one of the best “bobbles” I’ve seen. Thanks for the description of how it came to be.

    How about a bobble head assistant GM?

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