A Heavenly Adventure

Angels.jpgIf you check our Facebook page from time to time, you know our staff traveled to Anaheim yesterday to meet with some members of the Angels front office.  Now, when we say front office, don’t confuse that with Tony Reagins and the rest of the baseball operations side.

Our goal is to always find new ways to further entertain you, the fan that comes to Arrowhead Credit Union Park.  Anything that happens between the foul lines is up to the Angels.  We have no say on our roster, our coaching staff, player moves…nothing!  The same reason why we ventured to Florida last week, our meeting with the Angels was to learn new ways to make your experience at the ballpark as best it can be.

We met with their businesspeople.  Their marketing coordinators, ticket officials — some of the most creative individuals in the big leagues.

We can’t really disclose a lot right now, but just know that the 66ers are thrilled to be with the Angels beginning in 2011.  There are opportunities now that we may not have ever been able to accomplish.  Much of our branding efforts will coincide with the Angels and we’ll coordinate promotions with them.  Basically, just know that you have things to look forward to…

We’re very fortunate to have our Major Leage affiliate within driving distance.  Most Minor League teams don’t have this luxury.  Because of this, we can create a partnership that teams in the Midwest, Carolina, Texas, Florida State and other leagues envy.  Really envy.

The New Year is close.  And with the New Year comes only a month or two without baseball before players make their way to Florida and Arizona for Spring Training.  Baseball is just over the horizon, and we couldn’t be more excited.  Just know that with the new affiliation with the Angels, YOU have a reason to be excited, too!

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