A View from the Press Box – 12/14

Not much has been said from an on-field stand point about what the affiliation change means for 66ers baseball. Obviously we all expect a better win-loss ratio than last year’s, which saw record, or near record, lows in more categories than I have time to mention. The thing to keep an eye out for next year is an Angels running philosophy like no other farm system in baseball.

Angels’ farm clubs tend to be the Oregon football offense of their respective leagues. They run, and run, and run. I’ve worked in three leagues now, the majority of which have had an Angels affiliate, and every year the Halo feeders have either led the league in stolen bases or made a pretty good run at the top spot, pun intended.

There are some people out there who say they don’t like baseball because it’s too slow, there’s not enough action. If that’s the excuse some of your friends gave you as to why they didn’t join you for a 66ers game in the past, get them a seat for a game in 2011. We expect to see a lot more activity on the base paths in the season to come.

A View from the Press Box comes to you every Tuesday from Director of Broadcasting, Sam Farber.  To contact Sam, e-mail him at sfarber@ie66ers.com.

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