A World of Angels

angels_a.jpgWith just a few days left before the holidays, the 66ers want to extend a big thank you to a couple of our blog partners. 

The guys at Halos Heaven and Angelswin.com have helped us get our name out to the world of Angels fans since we started this blog a few weeks ago.  The transition from a Dodgers affiliate to an Angles affiliate has been pretty smooth, and we’re so happy to keep our fans from previous years, and to bring in new ones because of the switch.  We’re confident that fans in the Inland Empire choose to come to 66ers games because of the fun and entertaining family atmosphere we provide, but we also know that our fans are very knowledgable about the game.

That’s why we’re so excited to team with these great Angels blogs.  Each post from these guys is a true inside look at what’s happening in Anaheim — and as you know, what happens in Anaheim has more than just at trickle effect in San Bernardino!

With interviews, breaking news, opinions and just about anything else Angels you could imagine, these two blogs are some of the premier access points for Angels fans across the country.  And with only a couple months left until players invade Florida and Arizona for Spring Training, news is really starting to pour out of Angels Stadium.  You won’t want to miss a beat, so check out our partners at Halos Heaven and Angelswin.com

Go Angels and Go 66ers!

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