The Monday Ticket – 1/3


TicketMonday.jpgLet me be the first to wish you a Happy New Year from all of us at 66ers Baseball!


We had an amazing last minute rush of ticket buyers before the holiday break, taking advantage of the free Angels vouchers that came with the purchase of a 66ers Holiday Package. If you missed out on this opportunity, don’t fret, we are working to get a few more vouchers from the Angels and our Blog readers will be the first to know, if we do.


As the season approaches, we are always looking to expand upon the experiences that season seat holders receive when visiting the ballpark. Whether you are currently a season seat holder or are planning on becoming one in the future, I’d like to know some of the perks that you would like to see included. It is our main goal to ensure that you not only enjoy competitive and entertaining baseball, but that each game you attend is a memorable experience. I look forward to hearing  your thoughts and hopefully implementing some of them.


Finally, we will be announcing our 2011 promotions soon and while I cannot reveal them to you right now, all I can say is that our 24 Premier Game plan is going to be a very exciting ticket package. Keep an eye on for the list of promotions. Here’s a hint, we’ll be honoring our past as well as promoting our future with the Los Angeles Angels. That’s it for now. The ticket office is always open at 909-495-7638 if you need anything from us or e-mail me at

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