Top Ten Reasons to Make ACUP Your Home this Summer


There are hundreds of reasons to visit us this season at Arrowhead Credit Union Park.  But as the season quickly approaches (only a handful of weeks until Opening Night), we’ll highlight the top ten reasons to cheer on the 66ers beginning April 7!

7. The 66ers Dance Team

The 66ers Dance Team not only works game nights at Arrowhead Credit Union Park, but they also spend countless hours each week representing the team at community events throughout the Inland Empire.

Perhaps the most recognizable ambassidor for the 66ers (outside of Bernie, of course) is this group of about a dozen young, energetic ladies who have become one of the major faces of the organization over the past several seasons.

DanceTeam.jpgWhether it’s a Little League function in Riverside or a concourse booth at an Ontario Reign game (or even hanging out with Angels Manager Mike Scioscia), these girls can be seen around the area promoting fan interaction for the Sixers.

Most importantly, however, is that the Dance Team is one of the Top Ten Reasons to Make Arrowhead Credit Union Park Your Home this Season!

If you’ve attended our games in the past, you know the Dance Team performs several times thoughout a home game at our ballpark.  The third inning YMCA dance has become an iconic staple around San Bernardino.  And as much as Bernie would love to take credit for it, the Dancers receive most of the credit for creating an “I just have to dance” environment throughout the seating bowl.  It’s OK…normally you’ll even find members of the 66ers Front Office failing to restrain from shakin’ a booty.

And it’s all because of the Dance Team.  The atmosphere they have helped to create at Arrowhead Credit Union Park is one of the best — not only in the Cal League, but the Minors as a whole.  And for that, we’re very grateful.  Come see them this summer at the ballpark!

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