Top Ten Reasons to Make ACUP Your Home this Summer

Top_Ten_8.jpgThere are hundreds of reasons to visit us this season at Arrowhead Credit Union Park.  But as the season quickly approaches (only a handful of weeks until Opening Night), we’ll highlight the top ten reasons to cheer on the 66ers beginning April 7!


8. Stadium Amenities

It’s been awhile since #9, so to refresh your memory, the Top Ten Reason to Make ACUP Your Home this Summer has included Promotions & Giveaways and Friendly Staff.  Today we’ll focus on the ballpark itself.

Born in 1996 through the blood, sweat and tears of the great people of San Bernardino, Arrowhead Credit Union Park has been a staple in the Inland Empire community for more than a decade.  Besides having some of the best sightlines to watch a professional baseball game, what makes it great are the little perks that you don’t find everywhere.

Own a company and need to show your clients how much you appreciate their business?  Take advantage of one of the Group Hospitality Areas reserved for parties ranging from 12 people all the way up to several hundred.  Want a luxurious experience without the high cost of a Major League stadium?  Try a nightly suite with all-you-can-eat food and beverage items, completely hidden from the summer heat.

Or maybe it’s the Kids Zone you love.  With more than just a couple inflatables for the little ones to enjoy, you’ll know your children are safe as they wear themselves out in our state-of-the-art bounce houses.  And with the area close to the seating bowl, you won’t miss any of the action on the field as you watch the kids and the game at the same time.

The biggest and most popular addition to the ballpark has been our unbeatable new videoboard, installed before last season to strengthen the fan experience.  It’s one of the biggest boards in the Minors and we know how to use it. 

Whether you’re a fan who’s able to get a better look at a replay after a close call at the plate, or if you’re a business owner who wants a unique way to get your message out to the public, the videoboard has been a great addition to the park.  It sits conveniently above the right-center field fence, viewable from every seat at Arrowhead Credit Union Park.

Finally, if you’ve ever been to a stadium with limited parking, you’re probably familiar with how nice it is to have the space we have here in downtown San Bernardino.  Some stadiums may not even have a parking lot, and if they do, might charge nearly as much as the most expensive ticket to let you leave your car.  Not us.  We have hundreds of open spaces.  They’re not expensive.  And your walk to the closest gate will take less than five minutes.

The stadium has everything you’d enjoy in a big league park on a smaller scale, right down to the players-only clubhouse area.  Come on out to a game beginning early April and experience it for yourself!

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