Turf Talk – 1/6

 Happy New Year everyone!


With the week off between Christmas and New Year’s, I was pleasantly surprised when I came back to the park on Monday the 3rd.  About 95% of the seed we placed over the dormant Bermuda grass has germinated, meaning we’ll hopefully start seeing that perfect green color that baseball fans come to expect.


Compared to last year, we’re looking ten times better with our over seed.  And with the recent weather pattern in Southern California, that’s great news.


The next two months are critical for our newly established turf.  Balanced fertility is key, and if everything goes right, the new ryegrass should be fully mature and thriving around March 1.


Baseball fans know the importance of a perfect field.  Nothing screams summertime like baseball, and we’re all excited with the way our field is coming together leading up to the season.  Remember the first time you saw a freshly-cut infield at a professional stadium?


It’s the way I want our fans to feel everyday at Arrowhead Credit Union Park.


Jason Hilderbrand is the Head Groundskeeper at Arrowhead Credit Union Park.  He is always available for professional or at-home lawn maintenance advice at jhilderbrand@ie66ers.com

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