wintermeetings.jpgThis weekend, about half of the 66ers staff will leave to join the entire baseball world in sunny Central Florida for the 2010 Baseball Winter Meetings.

For those of you unaware, the Winter Meetings are an annual get-together of baseball professionals from across the country.  You’ll find Minor League executives — from places like Casper, WY, Yakima, WA or Mobile, AL — all the way up to the General Manager and owners of some of the biggest of Big League teams from across the nation.  Walk into the lobby of the host hotel and you’re liable to run into Hall of Fame players from any era or a young college-grad looking to begin a career in the industry.  It’s truly a mesh of people unlike anywhere else.

But big things happen at the Baseball Winter Meetings.  In years past, millions of dollars have changed hands with Major League free agent signings or blockbuster trades. 

But for the 66ers, we’re looking to learn new ways to improve YOUR experience at the ballpark.  We’ll attend trade shows, discuss promotions with the experts and spend every second focused on how to make your next adventure at Arrowhead Credit Union Park, the best one yet!

Make sure to be on the lookout for updates from Florida!

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